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The intention of this document is to help you effectively share WISE with someone. This is the most effective strategy to pique someone’s interest. Think of yourself as inviting someone to a movie, a friend's house, or a get-together.

The strategy consists of piquing someone’s interest and qualifying if they are “open” to take a look at some information about Wise token. Our job is not to close someone on WISE. Our job is to pique someone’s interests and get them to look at our 3rd party information, i.e. video, Teal paper, live stream, telegram chat, etc.

On average, people need between 5 to 7 exposures before they buy/pull the trigger. So our job is to continually share/expose information to your prospect until you get a “yes” or a “no” from them.

We are professional sorters. Do not be emotionally attached to the outcome. Our goal is to educate our prospect in a simple & duplicatable model. To put it simply, keep exposing/educating people to WISE and sort them.

Some will, some won’t, So what!

Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line Persuasion

“CAT A: 20% of people are Impulse Buyers — Spend Time here!

CAT B: 30% of people Need multiple exposures — Spend Time here!

CAT C: 50% of people are Tire Kickers & Won’t Buy -

Don’t waste your time here!”

Let’s Go Get Some Referrals!!!

Step 1: Determine Audience — Identify and assign which category your prospect falls into.

Step 2: Target Audience with Script/s — Consider using the following pique example techniques. Copy and Paste away (unless you’re allergic to money!). Feel free to tailor them as necessary.

Script concepts and keywords to use:

  1. Ask a life question’ to build a common ground or rapport.
  2. Must use “Just curious” & “Open”. It’s okay not to be interested in something. By using the keyword “open” it’s a psychological trick. People don’t typically like being “closed” off to something.
  3. If I, would you”. This is an effective opening because you are leading with a benefit the prospect wants.

A Version of this Script In Action

Here is a quick Copy and Paste of this example Script that you can use right away:

Hey, how are you doing? Have you seen the price of BTC or ETH recently?

Wait for their reply and respond accordingly.

Just curious if I shared with you the first asset-backed ethereum bond token

would you be open to taking a look at some information?

After they say “yes”, Copy and Paste them with the video or information you want them to read.

Great, typically I have someone watch this video first: http://bit.ly/wisecrypto1

Join our Wise community here on telegram: https://t.me/WiseToken

Step 3: Follow up with them within 24 hours and ask them what did they like best about it and agree with them. Then ask them if you can share more information with them.

Step 4: At this point, I suggest you share your Wise referral link and have them read over the Wise website, Teal Paper, and have them join the Wise telegram group if they haven’t already.

Credits: Referral Strategy by Kamran Munaf





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