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3 min readJan 31, 2021


STEP 1: Click ‘Copy Your Referral Link’.

STEP 2 (Optional): Shorten your Referral Link with Bitly (

Part A: Paste your referral link (A) and then Click ‘Shorten’ (B).

Part B: Click ‘Copy’ (A) below to get your shortened Referral Link.

Tip: You can also get a Branded Referral link by Clicking ‘Get Started’ (B) but it is a paid service. However, it will allow you to use a name or a phrase rather than a mix of letters and numbers.

STEP 3: Promote and distribute (for free) your Referral Link on social media platforms and/or to friends and family. You can also consider paid advertising options.

STEP 4: Referral Rewards. A referred stake generates 10% extra shares for the staker (beyond what they would have, if not referred) as well an equal (but without the 10% bonus) amount of “critical mass shares” (a.k.a. “CM shares”) for the referrer (YOU).

“The more you refer, the more you earn!”

To participate in referral rewards you must have achieved Critical Mass (CM) Referrer status.

To qualify as a CM referrer, a user must have reached a total of $10,000 worth of referred stakes of 365+ days in length. If a user meets this condition, they are immediately and forever tagged as a CM referrer, and cannot ever lose that distinction, regardless of if their referees close all their stakes.

STEP 5: CM Referrer Status, Referral Stake/s, Referral Shares (rSHRS) and Rewards.

Any Stake You Receive after Becoming a CM Referrer will show up on the ‘Referral System’ page (highlighted on the left Menu in the image below).

Also shown is an example of a 10,000 Wise token referral stake (B). The CM Referrer got 105,000 rSHRS shares © and after 3 days (out of 365 days) had already received 2.41 Wise token Rewards. You can expect about 1–2% return per year. This excludes any price appreciation upside. At the time of this snapshot, there were 1.4 billion rSHRS shares (A).

All referral sSHRS holders share in 1% annual inflation (based on Total Circulating Supply of Wise tokens) and some premature unstaking penalties.

If you click on the Spyglass in the Referral Stake shown in the above image (on the right-hand side), then you will open up the Referral Stakes ‘Referral Historical Summary’ (shown in the image below). This shows the Rewards and how you can ‘Collect Rewards’!

Note: Collecting Rewards lowers the Referral Shares (and reward generation) but is a great way to get passive income when you need it.

Good luck!