🔱 Valar
2 min readJan 31, 2021


STEP 1: Go to ‘’ in your browser.

STEP 2: Click ‘Connect with Metamask’.

STEP 3: Type in your Metamask Password to complete the connection to the Wise token site.

STEP 4: You have successfully connected to the Wise token site when your Metamask Wallet address shows up here (as indicated in the blue box). Click on this blue box to pull up the shortcut Menu.

STEP 5: Select ‘Create Referral Link’.

STEP 6: Here is your Referral Link. Click ‘Copy Referral Link’ to use it anywhere you need to promote it.

Referral Rewards

Stakes opened through your link will generate rewards for the staker and you the referrer. To participate you must have Critical Mass (CM) Referrer status. This is attained by referring a total of $10,000 equivalent in WISE stakes.

Note: referrer rewards are only generated for stakes with minimum duration of 365 days.

Good luck!